JÜS Aspen was founded during my personal journey towards health and well being. My brother, Landon—my best friend—was diagnosed with serious health concerns and I thought my world had ended. In a moment of sheer panic, I began to research incessantly to find possible nutritional remedies. Everything I found convinced me that an organic and healthy diet was the only way to heal.

My kitchen was not ready to house the best cold pressed juicer and the massive amount of produce I needed to find recipes that my brother would actually drink, eat and enjoy. I decided to rent a small space in Aspen and see if I could write my own destiny; one that included Landon back to his healthy, normal, teasing self. The space was perfect for my needs and allowed me to share my knowledge and products with my neighbors so we could all pursue a healthy lifestyle and perhaps along the way I could help someone who might be in the same position I was.

Landon responded positively to the change in diet and his recovery was nothing short of miraculous.  Overnight, my vision was embraced by my community and neighbors and JÜS became a popular healthy option for all of Aspen. At this point I knew I needed a little help…or more accurately, a lot of help, so I explained my vision to my confidant Mark. Mark has always proven himself as the voice of reason in my chaos and the person in my life who made me laugh when I thought that I would never smile again. He shared my goals and values and already loved the products so his decision to join us on this journey was inevitable.

This life changing experience continues to motivate us to offer healthy food options to everyone without compromising taste. In a world where there are so many temptations to partake in unhealthy habits, JÜS provides an easy, great alternative that promotes a healthy lifestyle yet still tastes delicious.